The success of our company depends on the success of our people. We are dedicated to being the best in the business. Silver King's pilots, maintenance technicians and support personnel are all committed to safety, efficiency and the highest quality service.

Silver King Helicopters brings diverse and "high time" experience to the helicopter industry. We operate Airbus/Eurocopter AS350 Series Helicopters and will provide additional types upon request. Specializing in precision vertical reference tasks we also successfully perform a range of services. 

Please contact us directly for our service details and domestic tariff rates.


Mining & Exploration Support

British Columbia and the Yukon can present many working challenges in terms of weather and mountainous terrain. Exploration support requires specialized knowledge of remote and harsh northern conditions.

Hydro / Transmission Line Services

Working in the wire environment is a tricky business. Performing these duties takes a high level of experience and training.

Aerial Construction

To a large extent Silver King conducts a very high degree of precision and production type flying. The assembling of transmission poles / towers, satellite, telephone repeaters, and radio towers are among some of the aerial construction duties we perform.

Forestry & Fire Suppression

Ensuring our forests are protected from wildfires, Silver King offers experienced support to assist in forrest fire suppresion.


Whether you're a heli ski operator or a fan of untracked, deep powder; Silver King provides high-time heli-ski support.

Avalanche Control Work

Extreme avalanche conditions will typically prompt avalanche control missions, which involve helicopters. Due to the lack of visual reference and poor visibility, this can be a very challenging working / flying environment.

Wildlife Services

Silver King provides safe, reliable, quality wildlife capture services. We have experience in tracking, capturing, radio collar placement, transporting, and controlling wild animals.


Silver King has many years of experience within the Mineral Exploration industry. We are very familiar in assisting with environmental requirements for mine site permits and the environmental approval process.

Oil & Gas

Silver King Helicopters offers support in the Oil & Gas Industry. From large scale environmental assessment projects to pipeline remote drilling.

Photography & Film Production

British Columbia is the third largest North American film and TV production centre. From extreme ski films and documentaries to local news, Silver King Helicopters has experience in film production and movie work.

Fishing & Tourism

If you've wanted to fish that remote river or travel into the mountains for a day trip we'll take you there! Glaciers, alpine lakes and mountain vistas are only minutes away.

Search & Rescue

Silver King Pilots are very familiar with the many surrounding remote locations and are thus better able to assist in mountain rescues and ground searches.

Project Consulting

Have an upcoming project in Northern BC? We can help with the logistics. Whether air transportation falls into the mix or not, we can assist you in every aspect of your projects' needs and align you with the best providers in every service industry in the area.


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