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Silver King Helicopters is a locally owned and operated helicopter transportation services company based in Smithers, British Columbia, Canada. We are a family of adventure seekers that love flying and creating unforgettable experiences that allow people to experience British Columbia’s spectacular and untouched wilderness like never before. 

Founded by Ryan and Missy Hinds, Silver King Helicopters began as a single aircraft on a makeshift helipad on the field of Ryan and Missy’s rural property in Smithers, BC. Wanting to raise the standard of helicopter transportation services in the industry, Ryan and Missy decided they wanted to do things their way and offer elevated aerial experiences that focus on quality, experiences, and client relationships. Living in a converted 600-square-foot shop at the time, the husband and wife duo decided to take a risk and put everything they had into their passion.

In 2012, they started their dream and named it “Silver King ” in honour of a scenic basin within a nearby mountain range and their love for fishing. Utilizing Ryan’s extensive flying experience and contacts from over a decade working in mineral exploration work, combined with Missy’s savvy business background, Ryan and Missy forged ahead amid a mining industry depression and continued to grow Silver King Helicopters.

By 2013, Ryan and Missy’s hard work and determination paid off as the company built its first office at Smithers Airport and then a 14,000-square-foot hangar the following year. Starting with a single Airbus Helicopter AS350 B2, they continued to grow their fleet, acquiring six more as well as five AS350 B3s to offer superior power margins, efficiency, and functionality than other helicopters in the intermediate class.

Today, Silver King Helicopters serves as one of the leading helicopter companies in British Columbia. Working with clientele from every part of the world, Silver King Helicopters puts quality over quantity and are dedicated to making every flight a safe, enjoyable, and unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a business executive, tourist, or professional in need of specialized helicopter transportation services, the Silver King Helicopters family can help you reach your destination safely and efficiently.

Our Mission
Silver King Helicopters brings diverse and “high time” experience to the helicopter industry. We operate Eurocopter AS350 Series Helicopters and will provide additional types upon request. Specializing in Precision Vertical Reference tasks, we also successfully perform a range of Services.
Our Top Priority
Our Commitment to Safety
Safety is our main value and primary focus. Silver King Helicopters implements an extensive Safety Management System (SMS) for Aerial Work and Air Taxi Operations, which includes a safety and incident reporting program. As a BARS-certified operator, we conduct workplace inspections and staff safety meetings on a monthly basis.

Silver King Helicopters holds the highest standard in pilot qualifications, with each of our pilots meeting and exceeding all requirements set by the Transport Canada C.A.Rs (Canadian Aviation Regulations and Standards). Each Silver King pilot possesses additional third-party training, including an approved Mountain Flying Course, Drill Moving/Vertical Reference, and Low Visibility Training.
Extensive Safety Management System (SMS)
BARS Certified Operator
Exceeds Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs)
Additional Third-party Training
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Do You Need to Charter a Helicopter?
Silver King Helicopters is one of Canada’s leading helicopter companies for business and pleasure. From unforgettable aerial adventures to breathtaking beauty from above, we can take you to new heights.