Mining & Exploration

Our long line helicopter pilots have extensive experience transporting crews, equipment, and supplies through the remote and harsh mountain terrains of British Columbia and Canada. Backed by years of experience, our connections in the mineral exploration industry allow us to offer unparalleled drill-moving and exploration support services. Whether it’s conducting heavy-lift operations, diamond drilling, remote camp services, or logistical support and consulting, you can rely on us to ensure your exploration program runs safely, seamlessly and within budget.

We have years of experience providing helicopter transportation services to the mineral exploration industry. As local experts, our crews can support environmental requirements for mine site permits, the environmental approval process, fish survey services, water sampling, and more.
Silver King Helicopters offers precise aerial and ground-based geophysics services. Our geophysics pilots are experienced and efficient in all remote terrain. We support with environmental surveys, gathering geological data, and provide transport for exploration geologists, crews, and equipment.
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