Our Services

The success of our company depends on the success of our people. We are dedicated to being the best in the business. Silver King’s pilots, maintenance technicians and support personnel are committed to safety, efficiency and the highest quality service. Our helicopters bring diverse and “high time” experience to the helicopter industry. We operate Airbus AS350 Series Helicopters and will provide additional types upon request. Specializing in precision vertical reference tasks, we also successfully perform a range of services:


Your Safety is our Priority

Silver King Helicopters Inc. maintains a safe and healthy working environment held to the highest of standards. This applies to all employees, passengers, and contractors.

Although Transport Canada does not currently require a fully implemented Safety Management System (SMS) for Aerial Work and Air Taxi Operations, Silver King Helicopters implements a safety and incident reporting program. This includes a Health and Safety Policy and monthly workplace inspections.

We are proud to demonstrate safety as the first priority in all operational decisions and actions.

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